Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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Language Solutions for Businesses

When it’s a matter of closing a deal or starting a new partnership, you shouldn’t miss a beat! That’s why you should rely on a professional interpreter or translator who will support you in conveying your message and projecting the image of your business in a professional and confident way.

I help businesses and professionals in their communication with foreign clients and possible partners providing interpreting and translation services in my working languages: English, Russian and Spanish.

My solutions for businesses

I help businesses and professionals that have relationships with Italian and foreign companies providing interpreting and translation services in my working languages: Italian, English, Russian and Spanish.

Here are some examples of the language services I offer to businesses:

  • Interpreting: negotiations, B2B and B2C meetings, company and production plant visits, trade fairs, conferences. On site or remotely.
  • Translation: catalogues, brochures and leaflets, product sheets, web pages, newsletters, mails, and letters to clients.
  • English courses: basic, intermediate and Business English, individual or group courses. The courses are 100% customizable and adaptable to the professional needs and linguistic level of the participants.

You can require and purchase services just once or you could ask for an on-going collaboration if you have recurring linguistic needs. I’ll send you a customised solution for your business!

Are you interested in my services in this field?

Features of language solutions for businesses

Translating for companies means providing language support in diverse settings. A trade fair is a much more informal situation than a price negotiation; a production plant visit is a much more technical and less “commercial” meeting compared to a negotiation.

This also applies to written texts: a product sheet is required to be extremely accurate and straightforward aiming at giving technical information; instead, while translating a web page I’ll prioritise creativity and marketing strategies to convey your message in the best way possible to catch your clients’ attention.

For me, the greatest challenge is to tune in to the communicative situation and offer an accurate language service that also reaches the goal of your meeting and/or documents.

Moreover, cultural diversity is another key factor to be taken into consideration. As I’m used to saying, nothing should be left to chance when it’s a matter of business affairs, not even what you are going to serve together with coffee to your guests!

Nonverbal communication (i.e., gestures, intonation, posture, interpersonal distance, etc.) projects a message as much as words. A specific gesture or behaviour has different meanings in different languages and cultures.

That is why I’m glad to help companies also as a cultural mediator, adjusting some details to avoid misunderstandings and false steps, without interfering with established company practices.

My experience in the language solutions for businesses

I started to help businesses in 2018 working as an interpreter in trade fairs. After meeting and working with some companies for the first time, they have often come back to me for other interpreting or translation assignments in my working languages.

Over the years, I have been providing interpreting services in B2C and B2B meetings, negotiations, discussions about possible partnerships and product plant visits. As for translations instead, I have been translating different kinds of texts: product sheets, catalogues, brochures and leaflets and web pages.

Very often, companies to which I had provided interpreting or translation services also asked me to give English courses, or the other way round.

This happens because a relationship of mutual understanding and trust is built over time and this leads to a rewarding collaboration, both for the company and for me!

I now offer 100% customizable and comprehensive language support that includes interpreting & translation services and English language courses.

Get in touch if you are looking for a go-to professional for your business needs!

I can support you as an interpreter during negotiations and meetings at your company, as a translator for your documents and as an English teacher to sharpen your skills or to organise a customised course for your staff!


Over the years, I have worked with companies from a wide variety of industries such as design, event planning, technical sportswear and food and beverage. It is also true that each company has its own features and positioning in its market.

Plus, part of my job is studying and making research before the event/the translation. Every time I am assigned a job, I gather information on the company and the industry to get familiar with them and provide top-notch linguistic support.

Generally speaking, I only accept jobs I know I can carry out to a high standard.

Tell me about your company by filling in the form and I’ll be able to evaluate your request.

Sure, I’m willing to come to you! I will charge an additional cost according to how far you are from Milan, my professional domicile, and how many hours your job requires. Send me your request and I’ll make a quote where you’ll find every detailed cost item.

Working as an interpreter and translator, my code of ethics envisages to maintain the strictest confidentiality about all data and pieces of information I may get to know while providing my services. In any case, I am willing to sign an NDA if your company requires it.

Moreover, I comply with UE GDPR on personal data protection and processing for the pieces of information my clients share with me. I also use two-factor authentication to access my business accounts.

Generally speaking, I translate between 2,000 and 4,000 words a day. It really depends on the type of document and the language combination. The quote will also mention my proposed delivery date based on the pieces of information you’ll have provided about your text.

I always guarantee the delivery by the date mentioned in the quote!

Yes, I also offer an urgent delivery service within 24 or 48 hours at an additional cost. Send me your request mentioning it’s an urgent one so that I can assess whether it’s feasible depending on the length and complexity of your text.

Some businesses I have worked with

Our collaboration with Paola has been an exceptional professional alliance. Paola proved to be a very skilled and qualified professional who has supported us providing technical infos and insights that show strong expertise. Each time we need some kind of language service, Paola is our go-to professional.

We own an event venue called Enne20 and decided to assign the translation of our website and leaflet to Paola. We were very satisfied with Paola being available and ready to deliver the translation of our leaflet while maintaining the original layout so that we could use it immediately during FuoriSalone - Milan Design Week. Many thanks to Paola also for the translation of Enne20 website, which I think it’s very accurate, being a language expert myself by training! I was especially struck by Paola’s brilliant translation into English of Enne20 slogan on our Home page.

I had the pleasure to work with Paola for the last 2 years. From my experience I can assure you that Paola has good work ethics and exemplary skills. She has the ability to communicate and self-confidence. She worked many times as a translator in some meetings we had in Fiera Host Milano, she did the translation of several documents, catalogs, laboratory certifications and technical specifications. I strongly recommend Paola Tosi as an excellent and professional worker, Committed, intelligent, observant, expressive, efficient and responsible.

How much does a translation or interpreting service cost?

Each business is unique and has diverse needs. That is why I’ll offer you a customised language solution.

The cost of interpreting services depends on the kind of service (e.g., simultaneous, consecutive, etc.), the language combination, the complexity of the job (visit to the production plant vs negotiation), the number of hours and the level of urgency.

The cost of a translation is calculated based on the kind of text that needs translating (technical, creative, non-specialized), the language combination, the number of words, the deadline and level of urgency and any additional service required.

That’s the reason why I prefer to give you the chance to get a free customised quote according to your specific needs.

However, I know companies are bound to their budgets so you can get an idea of my standard rates below:

  • Interpreting services – full day: starting from 500 euros
  • Interpreting services – 1 hour (only remotely): from 100 euros
  • Translations: from 0.10 euros/word
  • Proofreading: from 0.04 euros/word

After analysing your situation, I will be able to make a customised offer. In my quote, you will find each detailed cost item with the specification of what is included and what is not (e.g., travel expenses.)

Once you have confirmed my quote, there won’t be any changes nor additional costs. It’s up to you to ask me for additional services!


To request a customized quote or further information.