Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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Interpreting services

Conferences, business meetings, training programs & workshops, B2B meetings and trade fairs, both on site and remotely: these are some situations when I can support you by providing my interpreting services to convey your message in Italian, English, Russian, Spanish.

I’m your go-to interpreter for Italian, English, Russian and Spanish if:

  1. You are looking for a professional that could overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural gap to avoid any false step.
  2. You desire to convey your message and project your business image in a confident and professional way.
  3. You are looking for a trustworthy linguist for your negotiations or medical conferences.
  4. You wish to work with a reliable and precise person who’s also flexible and emphatic.

Are you interested in my interpreting service?

Types of interpreting I offer for Italian, English, Russian and Spanish

I’ll be glad to support you by providing different types of interpreting according to the agenda and location of your event and the number of participants.

Here are the types of interpreting services I offer with some examples of situations in which they could be applied:

  • Simultaneous (perfect for conferences)
  • Consecutive (perfect for meetings and conferences featuring a foreign speaker and for training courses)
  • Liaison (perfect for B2B meetings and negotiations)
  • Chuchotage (perfect for meetings with only one foreign guest)
  • Remote interpreting

How I work for interpreting assignments

Once you’ve told me about your event and I’ve sent you a customised solution and offer for an interpreting service in one of my working languages (Italian, English, Russian and Spanish), you can formally assign me the job.

From that moment I’ll start working for your event: I’ll study and ask you to send me the event agenda, the names of the speakers/the companies invited, any possible documents that will be shown that day and any piece of information that could be useful to deliver my interpretation.

The phase before the event is crucial for me: each company, conference and guest are unique. That’s why knowing the language is not sufficient to deliver a customised and high standard interpreting service.

Besides being your language mediator, I’ll be glad to help you with practical pieces of advice on how to deal with your guests’ culture to avoid misunderstandings because of different habits.

On the day of your event, I’ll be there by your side – or I’ll join the call if the event is held remotely – to get your message across.

If you need the translation of some documents before or after the event, I’ll be pleased to help you out!

Clients I have worked with as an interpreter

Our collaboration with Paola has been an exceptional professional alliance. Paola proved to be a very skilled and qualified professional who has supported us providing technical infos and insights that show strong expertise. Each time we need some kind of language service, Paola is our go-to professional.

Paola was recommended to us by our network for her skills and professionalism. We got in touch with Paola for a simultaneous interpreting assignment from English into Italian during an 8-hour webinar. Paola granted her full availability and mastered such a complex topic that the speaker himself had raised his concerns about hiring a translator who had no experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We were very satisfied with her excellent work and her great flexibility shown in accepting this assignment at the very last minute.

How much is it?

Each event is unique and so is the interpreting service I’ll provide to you!

The cost of interpreting services depends on the type of service (e.g., simultaneous, consecutive, etc.), the language combination, the topic and the duration of the event and the urgency.

However, I know companies are bound to their budgets so you can get an idea of my standard rates below:

  • Full day: from 500 euros
  • 1 hour (only remotely): from 100 euros

The pre-event study process is always included in my rates.

Fairness is one of the personal and professional values I cherish: that is why I won’t try to deceive you with a standard rate. Instead, I prefer to give you the chance to get a customised free quote.

In my quote, you will find each detailed cost item with the specification of what is included and what is not (e.g., travel expenses.)

Once you have confirmed my quote, there won’t be any changes nor additional costs. It’s up to you to ask me for additional services!

If you are looking for an on-going collaboration for your recurring interpreting or translation needs, I will analyse your situation and send you a customised collaboration proposal!


In order to make an accurate quote, I’ll ask you some details about your event to understand which type of interpreting suits you best! As a language consultant, I will be able to show you the best solution for your event to get your message across effectively and smoothly.

The sooner the better! Since the study phase before the assignment is always necessary, the sooner you get in touch with me the better it is!

In my trusted network, there are also some sound technicians who will be pleased to help you with the equipment needed!

All the pieces of information shared before the assignment are essential to get familiar with the event and provide a high-value interpreting service.

Always consider that if the confidential information is mentioned during the event, I will still learn about it.

Working as an interpreter and translator, my code of ethics envisages to maintain the strictest confidentiality about all data and pieces of information I may get to know while providing my services. In any case, I am willing to sign an NDA if your company requires it.

I comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to data processing and retention.

The details you find in the contact form are useful to me to make the most accurate quote as possible.

Even if you can’t fill in some of the fields or you still don’t have the text you need to translate, you can still get in touch with me leaving those fields empty. Based on the details you can provide, I’ll be able to tell you if I can deliver the service you’ve asked for and I’ll send you a quote that should be confirmed once you have all the details needed.


To request a customized quote or further information.