Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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Translation services

Whether it is a life science document, an academic article, a catalogue, a web page, or a newsletter, I’ll be glad to translate your texts preserving their styles and layouts and using your industry and company terminology.

I’m your go-to translator for Italian, English, Russian and Spanish if:

  1. You are looking for a translator that respects the deadline and quote agreed and the confidentiality of the collaboration.
  2. You need an accurate translation that should be delivered also preserving the design and layout of your original text.
  3. You are looking for a translator who could help you out with the translation of technical documents and marketing and promotional contents.
  4. You wish to work with a reliable and precise person who’s also flexible and emphatic.

Are you interested in my translation service?

Types of texts I translate from English, Russian and Spanish

Over the years, I have been translating texts from diverse industries: from medicine to design, as well as web pages and essays about marketing in the theatre.

Here are some examples of texts I translate:

  • Medical-pharmaceutical field: product information leaflets, diagnostic medical device user manuals, clinical records, anti-Covid regulations, dissemination materials on health & wellbeing.
  • Marketing projects and web contents: IT and modern technologies, web pages and newsletters.
  • Technical documents: manuals, catalogues, and product sheets.
  • Official documents: school reports and certificates, qualifications, official certificates.
    Essays about art & the theatre

I also offer proofreading services, double checking already-translated texts. I check the accuracy of the translation and the intelligibility of the Italian version to guarantee a faithful translation that also sounds good to the Italian audience.

How I work for translation assignments

Once you have sent me your text that needs translating and I have provided you with my free customised quote for one of my working languages (English, Russian and Spanish) considering the audience and means of circulation, you can formally accept my offer.

From that moment, I will work on your translation, analysing your text, the audience of the translation (e.g., experts or laypeople), and the means of circulation (e.g., newsletter, paper catalogue, etc.)

After this initial analysis, I will start translating your document. If you have decided to share your translation memory or any other instructions on your terminology, I’ll implement them in this phase.

Once the translation process is completed, I will start proofreading it, so I read everything again to check that the text is coherent and fluent.

Upon delivering my translation, I will tell you about possible translation options that we could discuss together. For example, in marketing projects I can give you a couple of options for the translation of slogans and you can choose the one that feels closer to you and your business.

After the delivery, you could decide to add some parts to the translated text, or you could need to edit some already-translated bits. I will be pleased to help you with this!

Clients I’ve worked with as a translator

Paola is a reliable, responsive and professional linguist with whom I have been working almost daily for the last year with enormous success. She has been flexible to the project’s needs at all times and has taken charge of the different tasks we have asked her to manage, showing her commitment and readiness. She is a dedicated linguist and a wonderful person everyone would be willing to work with!

Paola Tosi has been working with our agency, Business&Languages S.r.l., for over a year dealing mainly with translations from English into Italian in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Besides her language skills, her strengths are: attention to details, on-time deliveries and flexibility in adapting to each client’s requests. Paola is a qualified, precise and helpful translator. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a skilled and reliable language professional.

I had the pleasure to work with Paola for the last 2 years. From my experience I can assure you that Paola has good work ethics and exemplary skills. She has the ability to communicate and self-confidence. She worked many times as a translator in some meetings we had in Fiera Host Milano, she did the translation of several documents, catalogs, laboratory certifications and technical specifications. I strongly recommend Paola Tosi as an excellent and professional worker, Committed, intelligent, observant, expressive, efficient and responsible.

We own an event venue called Enne20 and decided to assign the translation of our website and leaflet to Paola. We were very satisfied with Paola being available and ready to deliver the translation of our leaflet while maintaining the original layout so that we could use it immediately during FuoriSalone - Milan Design Week. Many thanks to Paola also for the translation of Enne20 website, which I think it’s very accurate, being a language expert myself by training! I was especially struck by Paola’s brilliant translation into English of Enne20 slogan on our Home page.

How much is it?

Each document is unique and so is the translation service I will provide to you!

The cost of a translation is calculated based on the kind of text to be translated (technical, creative, non-specialized), the language combination, the number of words, the deadline and level of urgency and any additional service required.

However, I know companies are bound to their budgets so you can get an idea of my standard rates below:

  • Translations: from 0.10 euros/word
  • Proofreading: from 0.04 euros/word

Fairness is one of the personal and professional values I cherish: that is why I won’t try to deceive you with a standard rate. Instead, I prefer to give you the chance to get a customised free quote.

In my quote, you will find each detailed cost item with the specification of what is included and what is not (e.g., travel expenses.)

Once you have confirmed my quote, there won’t be any changes nor additional costs. It’s up to you to ask me for additional services!

If you are looking for an on-going collaboration for your recurring interpreting or translation needs, I will analyse your situation and send you a customised collaboration proposal!


Generally speaking, I translate between 2,000 and 4,000 words a day. It really depends on the type of document and the language combination.

The quote will also mention my proposed delivery date based on the pieces of information you’ll have provided about your text. I always guarantee the delivery by the date mentioned in the quote!

Yes, I also offer an urgent delivery service within 24 or 48 hours at an additional cost.

Send me your request mentioning it’s an urgent one so that I can assess whether it’s feasible depending on the length and complexity of your text.

No, I don’t use any machine translation software.

I personally translate all documents I’m assigned.

CAT tools – computer assisted translation tools – are useful software to translate technical and specialised texts. I hold Trados Studio 2021 licence.

This software guarantees terminology consistency thanks to the implementation of translation memories and glossaries.

It also allows the preservation of the same layout, which is especially useful for brochures, catalogues, and other cases where design plays a major part.

Generally speaking, I can deliver my translation in the same format of the original file.

This applies to the most common formats (e.g., Word, PDF, Html.) Anyway, the format of the translation can be discussed and confirmed while preparing the quote.

Working as an interpreter and translator, my code of ethics envisages to maintain the strictest confidentiality about all data and pieces of information I may get to know while providing my services. In any case, I am willing to sign an NDA if your company requires it.

I comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) relating to data processing and retention.


To request a customized quote or further information.