Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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Over the years, I have translated texts and provided interpreting services in a wide variety of fields, from medicine to design, web pages to essays about marketing in the theatre field, as well as device user manuals and art auction sales.

I really value the chance to work for such diverse clients and industries!

However, if I must name my specialisations, they would be the medical-pharmaceutical field and the language support to companies.

Why such diverse specialisations?

This choice too comes from my personal interest and vocation.

I’ve always been interested in medicine; that’s why I decided to attend a Master course in Medicine and Pharmacology for Interpreters and Translators.

I first worked as an interpreter in trade fairs in 2018 providing language support to companies that needed to discuss possible partnerships with foreign clients. In those moments, I realised that my ancestors, who were all businesspeople, may have passed the enthusiasm for affairs on to me as I immediately felt it was really my thing.

That’s why I’ve developed a wider set of services for companies, and I now offer a fully-customizable comprehensive language support featuring interpreting & translation services and English course.