Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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English is the international language for science and medicine. However, in some situations a rough understanding is not sufficient and could even be life-threatening in the worst-case scenario. Some documents are even required to be translated into Italian by law.

I help healthcare business & professionals to address foreign clients with surgical precision and empathy.

My services in the medical-pharmaceutical field

I support healthcare businesses & professionals and patients providing interpreting and translation services in the English-Italian combination.

Here is a list of language services I offer in the medical-pharmaceutical field:

  • For patients – interpreting during specialist consultations & examinations; translation of clinical records, medical & hospital reports, diagnostic test results, hospital discharge summaries and clinical papers for insurance purposes, etc.
  • For doctors and researchers – interpreting at conferences and during specialist consultations; translation of curriculum vitae, dissertations, clinical studies, abstracts, reports, and articles to be published in life science journals, texts and presentations for medical exhibitions or conferences, etc.
  • For pharmaceutical companies – interpreting at conferences and business meetings; translation of scientific articles, market research, product information leaflets, promotional material, merchandising, web pages, product brochures and price lists, press releases, etc.
  • For electro-medical equipment manufacturers – interpreting at conferences and business meetings; translation of informational/promotional material (web pages, product brochures, product sheets & price lists, etc.); software and user manuals, texts about assistance and installation of any medical device (diagnostic medical devices and systems such as surgical, radiation and laboratory equipment.)

Are you interested in my services in this field?

Features of translating in the medical-pharmaceutical field

Translating in the English-Italian combination in the medical-pharmaceutical field requires surgical precision since a slip could have extremely dangerous consequences.

However, I think the greatest challenge in this field is the different approach you need to adopt according to the target of your translation.

Translating a clinical study requires quite the opposite strategy of translating a product information leaflet. The first case envisages the use of technical terminology because the text targets experts, whereas PILs are read by laypeople so it is essential to put patients in the position to take their medicines safely. When the translation is designed for patients, the language should be simpler, without being inaccurate.

It’s often thought that medicine is immune to cultural references, which are usually seen as an obstacle to overcome while translating. Actually, texts designed for patients feature cultural references to their countries or their languages. Speaking about PILs, food is often mentioned as some food should be avoided while taking specific medicines. These dishes should be adjusted to the target culture and not simply translated in the target language.

A linguist who offers interpreting and translation services in the medical-pharmaceutical field should master technical terminology, stay updated on the latest studies and discoveries and have the sensitivity to understand when it’s necessary to get closer to the patients’ language and culture.

My experience in the medical-pharmaceutical field

After having defended my thesis on interpreting at a medical congress, I decided to further specialise in this field attending a Master course in Medicine and Pharmacology for Interpreters and Translators.

I regularly attend refresher training courses in medicine and pharmacology.

I work with healthcare businesses and translation agencies providing interpreting and translation services. Moreover, I give a Scientific English course at the Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation science for healthcare professionals at Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele (Milan).

Whether you are a healthcare business, a specialist training centre for healthcare professionals, a doctor, or a patient, contact me for an accurate and empathic translation in Italian and English!


Over the years, I have worked and gained experience in numerous specialties. Medicine is a vast field, but an essential part of my job is studying and making research before the event/the translation.

Generally speaking, I only accept jobs I know I can carry out to a high standard.

Send me your text or give me some details about your event filling in the form and I’ll be able to evaluate your request.

Working as an interpreter and translator, my code of ethics envisages to maintain the strictest confidentiality about all data and pieces of information I may get to know while providing my services.

In any case, I am willing to sign an NDA if your company requires it.

Moreover, I comply with UE GDPR on personal data protection and processing for the pieces of information my clients share with me. I also use two-factor authentication to access my business accounts.

Clients I have worked for in the medical-pharmaceutical field

As a professional responsible for training at Punto Otto Srl, I hired Paola Tosi for a simultaneous interpreting service during a webinar for healthcare professionals. She should be praised for her high level of professionalism and expertise as an interpreter.

Paola Tosi has been working with our agency, Business&Languages S.r.l., for over a year dealing mainly with translations from English into Italian in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Besides her language skills, her strengths are attention to details, on-time deliveries and flexibility in adapting to each client’s requests. Paola is a qualified, precise, and helpful translator. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a skilled and reliable language professional.

Paola was recommended to us by our network for her skills and professionalism. We got in touch with Paola for a simultaneous interpreting assignment from English into Italian during an 8-hour webinar. Paola granted her full availability and mastered such a complex topic that the speaker himself had raised his concerns about hiring a translator who had no experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We were very satisfied with her excellent work and her great flexibility shown in accepting this assignment at the very last minute.

How much does a medical translation cost?

Assignments in the medical field require elevated levels of professionalism and study.

Moreover, even in the same medical-pharmaceutical field, interpreting and written translation jobs could have quite different levels of complexity.

That’s the reason why I prefer to give you the chance to get a free customised quote according to your specific needs.

In general, I can tell you that I usually add 10-20% to my standard rates for interpreting and translation services.

After analysing your situation, I will be able to make a customised offer. In my quote, you will find each detailed cost item with the specification of what is included and what is not (e.g., travel expenses.)

Once you have confirmed my quote, there won’t be any changes nor additional costs. It’s up to you to ask me for additional services!

If you are looking for an on-going collaboration for your recurring interpreting or translation needs, I will analyse your situation and send you a customised collaboration proposal!


To request a customized quote or further information.