Paola Tosi

Interpreter and translator
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Spanish-Italian Interpreting & Translations

Are you organising an event with foreign guests or a business meeting? Do you need to translate some documents in the Spanish-Italian combination? Here I am!

Spanish-Italian interpreting services

I work as an interpreter with the Spanish into Italian combination, for which I have gained experience in a wide range of situations: exhibitions, conferences, meetings and calls with foreign partners and clients.

Here is a list of interpreting services I offer in the Spanish into Italian combinations with some examples of situations where these services could be applied:

  • Simultaneous (perfect for conferences)
  • Consecutive (perfect for meetings and conferences featuring a foreign speaker and for training courses)
  • Liaison (perfect for B2B meetings and negotiations)
  • Chuchotage (perfect for meetings with only one foreign guest)
  • Remote interpreting

Thanks to my experience, I have realised that working as an interpreter goes far beyond translating the speakers’ words. Indeed, it’s often a matter of interpreting their tone of voice and nonverbal communication and bridging the gap between two cultures.

Spanish-Italian translations

As a translator in the Spanish-Italian combination I have gained experience in the following industries:

  • Dissemination and non-specialized texts.
  • Technical documents: manuals, catalogues, and product sheets.
  • Official documents: school reports and certificates, qualifications, official certificates.

I have worked in diverse industries translating in the Spanish-Italian combination. Here are some examples:

Fashion & Design

Events & Hospitality

Wellness & cosmetics

Negotiations and business meetings

Whether you already know how I can help you out or it’s still unclear to you:

Contact me and I’ll point you to the solution that fits you the most!



    The sooner the better! Since the study phase before the assignment is always necessary, the sooner you get in touch with me the better it is!

    Yes, I also offer an urgent delivery service within 24 or 48 hours at an additional cost.

    Send me your request mentioning it’s an urgent one so that I can assess whether it’s feasible depending on the length and complexity of your text.

    No, Spanish is my passive language.

    This means I only translate from Spanish into Italian.